We understand that some of the females feel uncomfortable treated by the male person, and we are very concerned about the comfort of patients. You can come with your relative or a friend. Also you don’t need to open a full upper body, it’s enough to open the back.

Yes, there are some patients who didn’t see any improvement after our treatment. Usually, these patients had a serious hormonal treatment in the past, or took the drug for the liver, Geptral. Such patients need to wait for 5-6 months before starting the Apsori treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment is very important for us. Therefore, we ask the new patient in detail about previously passed therapies.

In most cases, people with psoriasis who contact us, say that thay had the hormone therapy recently, and we ask them to contact us after 5-6 months.

This natural ingredient is salt. It helps to heal the scratches faster.

We put it only on the small scratches after procedures. We do not touch the spots of the disease (psoriasis or exzema) during the procedure. The procedure is performed only on the patient’s back, no matter where the psoriasis is located.

We are often asked about the threads that we extract from the patient’s back and are asked to tell more about them. Unfortunately, this information is closed for a number of reasons. You can take this as a commercial secret. For our patients, the main thing is to get rid of psoriasis. A detailed knowledge of the patient about these threads and their functions does not accelerate his/her recovery in any way. To make a decision about the effectiveness of our method, we suggest you to study our live feedback.

1. The procedure is always performed only on the back of the patient, no matter where the psoriasis is located.

2. The specialist determines the point on the skin and removes from them subcutaneous filaments, which are directly related to the occurrence of psoriasis.

3. Before removing the threads the healer uses the local anesthesia.

4. After removing the threads the skin is treated with an ointment made from natural ingredients.

5. After five days the scratches dissolve and leave no trace.

6. A similar procedure should be carried out until the complete healing.

Please note that the first procedure exacerbates psoriasis, and this is a good sign. In our experience, the patients experiencing an exacerbation, have a very high chance to recover completely.


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The procedure takes about 40 — 60 min.
The course is about 5 — 10 treatments. 1 treatment per month.

The safety is very important, because during the procedure the needle breaks the skin of the patient. We pay paramount importance to comply with the sterility of all the instruments.

Tools are disinfected, we use only disposable needles.