Hormonal cream for psoriasis is the barrier to recovery

Many people who want to cure psoriasis as soon as possible, begin to use hormonal ointments or creams with the corticosteroid. Undoubtedly, such treatment gives a quick and noticeable effect, so the person who suffers from psoriasis gets joy and comfort.

Unfortunately, in reality, this way is an obstacle to curing the skin disease. It’s no secret that the use of hormonal drugs is addictive and there are a lot of side effects on kidneys and liver, cardiovascular, endocrine and other systems. And the saddest thing is that this therapy gives a temporary effect, and psoriasis patients who want to give up this hormone therapy can not get my help for a long time. By hormonal ointments, you temporarily improve the appearance of the skin and get rid of itching, but at the same time psoriasis will not go away forever.

I do not begin the course of Apsori treatment if the patient has used hormonal drugs over last 5-6 months. It is a great pity to deny such patients, but the fact is that the consequences of hormonal therapies are a weighty barrier to the Apsori course. I ask patients who ask me for help, to wait for 5-6 months and not to use for this period any hormonal ointments.

The Apsori treatment requires one, less two courses and relieves psoriasis for good and in some cases gives only a lasting effect. See more — about my method oo treatment. And here you can see the frequently asked questions . If you have not found the answer for your question, you are welcome to ask me at Whatsapp at +7 (985) 896-91-47 or write to s.barkuev@gmail.com.

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Shamil Barkuev